Zar Imperial Caviar


Zar Imperial Caviar

Our Iranian Beluga caviar comes from the species Huso huso, a huge fish that can weigh 1000 kg and measure 5 meters in length, from which the best caviar in the world is obtained. The female has her sexual maturity at 15 years of age to start producing her medium-large size roe and her color varies between different gray tones. At tasting level, the Beluga Zar Imperial has a smooth and intense flavor with a really unctuous texture.


Zar Imperial Caviar

The Osetra Caviar can come from two species: the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii or Russian Sturgeon and the Acipenser persicus originating from the Caspian Sea. We only work with the Russian Sturgeon, obtaining an elegant caviar, long in flavor and very creamy, with medium-large roe and a color that varies from light gray with golden nuances to gold.


Zar Imperial Caviar

Imperial caviar is a hybrid between the sturgeon Huso dauricus and the sturgeon Acipenser schrenckii also called Japanese sturgeon. Our product from the Amur river, we obtain a firm roe caviar with a grayish color and golden shades. It has an extraordinary flavor and is highly valued for its large size roe and soft wrap.


Zar Imperial Caviar

Siberian caviar comes exclusively from the Acipenser baerii species, which is the highest-producing sturgeon (Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, etc.) due to its great adaptation to different media and its rapid growth. The medium-sized roe vary from dark gray to black and have an elegant nutty flavor, which makes this caviar a perfect variety for pairing with other foods, providing unique nuances that can enrich any dish.

Caviar are the sturgeon roes, from which we have selected the most interesting species for our clients’ delight. The sale of wild caviar has been banned since 2009 and currently aquaculture is the best way to assure the species preservation and to guarantee the traceability and quality of the final product.

In nature, there are 28 varieties of sturgeon, but only 7 species are used to make caviar.

For the manufacture of ZAR IMPERIAL products, we use only the traditional Russian method Malossol (low salt), with a maximum of 3% salt to preserve the texture and the smooth flavor, unique and authentic.

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